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Smart Roller or Last-Minute Thrower? The Way You Pack Says a Lot About You

Whether you are moving to a new home, planning to travel abroad, or going on a month-long road trip in your newly-bought lifted truck, you need to pack.

Everybody has their own packing style. Some neatly roll their clothes, while others just throw everything in their luggage. Psychologists say that the way you pack says a lot about your personality. Here are the popular packing methods and see if they match your personality.

  • The Smart Roller

Rollers are smart and practical. It is evident in the way they roll their clothes neatly before arranging them like puzzle pieces in the suitcase. They also make sure that they fill every space in the luggage—a sign that they are organized, efficient, and don’t want to be caught off guard. They’re a no-nonsense person who sticks to habits and strategies that work every time.

  • The Last-Minute Thrower

The Last-Minute Throwers pack their things a night or two hours before their flight or scheduled move. Often, it looks like they need extra hands from professional packers just to finish the task.

Last-Minute Throwers may be chaotic at times, but their spontaneity and daredevil attitude make them good travel partners. They are usually the source of fun in the group and the one who persuades others to try something new or borderline dangerous. Sure, they may have packed the wrong clothes and can be stubborn at times, but they know what’s important on a trip: the people they travel with, the experiences, and the people they meet along the way.

  • The Out-of-the-Luggage Thinker


People with this packing style are usually creative ones. Every time they pack, they try unusual but efficient techniques. Stuffing socks and underwear inside shoes, using a binder clip to cover their razor blades, bringing extra tote for souvenirs—you name it, they do it.

Out-of-the-Luggage Thinkers are optimistic and see everything with a different but fresh perspective. They have an eye for detail, and most of the time, they are also good listeners. More importantly, they love being in the know (how do you think they learn every packing trick in the book?)—and that’s something that can help their loved ones when moving or traveling.

  • The Zip Lock King and Queen

The Zip Lock Kings and Queens group every item and put them in different zip lock bags before packing them. They meticulously plan and list every grouping to the extent that it takes most of their time and energy. Also, they try to bring everything, resulting in a piece of heavy luggage.

The Zip Lock Kings and Queens are usually the panicky leader in a group. They let every tiny detail stress them out. They can be uptight and controlling at times, but they are always ready and organized, and they never miss a flight schedule or a box when moving homes. Match them with The Last-Minute Throwers, and you can have a balanced group of travelers or movers.

So, do any of these styles match your personality? Or are you thinking of changing the way you pack from now on?

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