Telltale Signs You Should Start Replacing Your Car

Having your own car isn’t just a necessity, but it’s also a symbol of status and luxury. Although you can get from point A to point B with a bus or any other public transportation, why should you when you can enjoy having your own car that you can drive around with your friends and your loved ones? Almost everywhere you go, cars are a symbol that tells people that you’re living in an established and stable life that you’ve built yourself.

But just like that particular part of your home that needs a renovation, that old phone that you’ve just replaced, or those shoes that you’ve been wearing for a while, cars will eventually wear out from all sorts of damages. While cars can stand the test of time, some cars won’t necessarily look good with scratches, worn-out tires, and “battle scars” from accidents. While these types of damage can be replaced or refurbished, sooner or later, you’ll need to decide on whether you will need to repair and replace your car.

But what are some tell-tale signs that you’ll need to get your car replaced? Can your car still be saved? We’ll be discussing in detail all the important questions that most people have been wondering for years. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

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When Repairs Cost More Than Usual

As cars get older, it will be harder to find certain parts and pieces that will go with older models. You’ll know that it’s time to start phasing out your car for a newer model when bills and costs start piling up to the point that you might as well get yourself a new car.

Not only will you be able to get yourself a fresh new car, but you’re also something that will have a higher lifespan than your old car, which means that it’s less likely to break down. If you repair your newer car, it’s definitely easier to get yourself the right pieces and parts for it.

Trusted Long-Term Mechanic

Sure, it might be easier to dish out a thousand dollars to get even more extra miles from your car; this is actually an easy cash grab for mechanics for individuals that don’t necessarily know their way around cars. Thus, you might want to get yourself a trusted and professional mechanic that can help you spot any early signs of damage to your new car. After all, you don’t want your new car to end up in the same way as your old one.

But right before you make any final decisions on choosing your car, it’s important to have your new car thoroughly inspected by a trusted and professional mechanics. Some car brands such the Subaru are known for being hardy for several years, but will still require a good amount of maintenance and repair. Thus, you must hire a trusted mechanic that can perform Subaru-required maintenance that can keep your car in tip-top condition.

Consider Your Own Safety

Just like everything else in life, safety should always be the priority. Let’s face it: nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on a car that’s basically a coffin on wheels, especially when there are so many potential risks of it breaking down while you’re driving. This can be especially dangerous for those driving in freeways where most cars have to drive at high speeds. 12% of vehicular accidents are caused by mechanical failure. While that doesn’t necessarily sound like a large number, keep in mind that millions of cars are currently being used worldwide every day. This means that hundreds of thousands of cars can easily cause a chain reaction of disasters from mechanical failure.

Other than mechanical failures, old cars won’t have the same technology used in new cars, especially when it comes to safety. Newer cars will have airbags, airbags on the side, more responsive brakes, better handling, rearview cameras for parking, and generally better overall stability.

If your old car lacks most of these essentials when it comes to safety, you might have to rethink getting it repairs and maybe getting it replaced instead.

Consider Its Worth

There might be a newer kid on the block, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can leave your old car to collect dust. It’s best to take your time and find out your car’s worth since you can still sell it and get a good price off of it. The general rule of thumb is if the repairs cost more than 50% of the total car’s worth, then it’s high time that you start replacing it.

How Much Will Your Next Car Cost?

Besides knowing that your old car’s worth it, knowing the cost of your new car can give you an idea of what you should get. You don’t necessarily need to get yourself a flashy set of wheels or get a loan to get there. Still, getting a new car can be costly. You might want to use the money that you get from your old car as a means of down-paying for your new car. Ask yourself: will I be able to make the monthly payment for the next three to five years?

Buying a car can be a major part of the world of adulting, and saving up for one might take months to years, but it’s definitely worth your effort and money. Getting yourself a car will literally take you places while also being a symbol of status and wealth. But other than that, you’re investing in experiences that you’ll have with your friends and loved ones. An old car might do the trick, but will you really take your chances with a coffin on wheels?

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