Three Factors to Consider Before Going on a Road Trip During a Pandemic

After spending months and months at home, it’s only natural to be restless and bored. While there may be advantages due to the lockdown like more remote work, there are also downsides. A recent survey found that more than half of Americans are burned out working from home. Combined with other stressful events this year, it feels like the best time for a vacation. The big question is if it’s safe yet to go on a holiday.

According to experts, it’s possible but only if you consider the important factors. Here’s how:

Car Health

Check if your car’s in top shape for a trip. It may be time to consult a battery company to replace your car’s battery. You should also ensure that your oil and filters changed as scheduled. Besides the parts, it’s also important to have extras. Stock up your car with an additional tire, car belts, and cleaning supplies.

Experts agree that traveling using your own vehicle is the safest way to take a vacation. When you take a plane or a train, there’s not a lot of things you can control. You’re exposed to other passengers, flight attendants, or train employees. The other alternative is renting a car or an RV but it’s not without its risks. You have to make sure that the company is taking the pandemic seriously. The employees should be wearing masks properly, keeping a safe distance, and sanitizing the vehicle. On the other hand, if you use your own car, you’re in control of the important factors: cleanliness, contact with other people, and stops.

If it’s too much trouble to ensure that your car can travel for a long period, it’s best to stay at home. But if your vehicle is in top shape, taking a safe and stress-free vacation is very much possible.


When it comes to travel during a pandemic, you have to consider different scenarios. Before 2020, all you had to do was reserve a hotel or a campsite, and you’re all set. Now, you must also factor in the gas and food stops. Then, you also have to consider if the rental home or hotel is following health guidelines. The bad part about it is that the only way you can know for sure is when you’re already in the premises.

Experts agree that trips outdoors are the best options because the virus is faster to dilute due to the wind and sunlight. But it doesn’t mean that all vacations that take place outside are advisable. When it comes to traveling, it’s crucial to avoid close contact with other people. It means that you should stay away from popular tourist destinations like beaches and national parks that are packed with crowds. Take the time to discover lesser known locations where there’s not a lot of visitors. If you’re planning to cross state borders, make sure to check travel restrictions. Some states may require you to quarantine or to present a negative PCR test before you can enter.

One of the best options is to take an RV trip in your own state. Since you don’t have to rent a room or a house, you have more control over who you get in contact with. You also don’t have to make stops at potentially crowded restaurants. Another good alternative is camping. If you pick a nice, secluded area, you don’t have to worry about other people.


The amount of luggage you have to bring largely depends on how long your trip is. If you’re just going away for a weekend, you’ll only need a few bags. But if you want to take a longer vacation with the entire family, it gets more complicated.

An SUV or a pickup truck is great for a long road trip with kids. You can put your supplies in the back while your passengers stay comfortable in the backseat.

When packing, don’t forget to bring gloves, sanitizers, wipes, and masks. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If it’s possible, you should also prepare your own food ahead of time. Sandwiches are great options because you can mix and match the fillings.

Besides picking the right supplies, you must also pack them properly. When you’re putting your things inside your car, remember that it will move during travel. Get a cooler to keep the food at an ideal temperature so it won’t spoil. You can also use a rope to keep your things stable.

While spontaneous travel may be fun, it’s not possible amid a pandemic. You have to prepare, do your research, and plan to make sure your trip is safe.

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