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What to Consider When When Buying a Truck

Your business needs a new vehicle to make client visits or deliveries. The auto market offers plenty of options. You can choose a fleet of sedans or executive cars. You can also pick high-profile vehicles that include SUVs and pickup trucks.

Why get a truck when you can buy an easily managed sedan that works perfectly fine for your business?

First, contemporary trucks barely look and function like your old man’s clunky truck. Today’s truck still looks “muscular” than the average car, but this vehicle is designed with advanced technologies. That means you get more performance out of your vehicle. And if you’re a discerning consumer, you probably want a vehicle that functions as a reliable workhorse but does so in sophisticated style. Because it allows you to run your business better and you’ll look good doing it.

Second, you may not have to worry about funding the trucks you need. Yes, they may be pricier than sedans. But you can get business financing for the vehicles you’re eyeing. But before you sign off on a loan agreement, scrutinize your truck options for the following:

Fuel Economy

Some trucks can drink gas like there’s no tomorrow, and this is going to affect your expenses. Find trucks that have been designed for fuel economy, like those with V8 or V10 engines. These things promise marginal fuel economy numbers. You need to make sure your truck, especially if it’s part of a fleet, is fuel efficient. If your business involves large-haul trucks, fuel is likely one of your biggest expenses.

You could make it a policy for truckers to reduce speeds; at 65 mph, a truck would save 2.8 billion gallons of diesel fuel over a decade. Or you could make sure your trucks are designed for fuel efficiency.

Improved Safety

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While you’re driving in style and making the most use out of your truck, you can also stay safe on the road. Every truck today is fitted with the latest in safety features, from multiple airbags to advanced hydroform, high-strength steel for added crash protection.

Ride Quality

Today’s trucks no longer have to feel like you’ve just taken a long bumpy ride. These vehicles are engineered for more enjoyable traveling because of the new coil-spring setup underneath the cargo bed. Although this could limit towing capacity, it’s a good feature for your drivers since it allows for smoother truck rides. When your employees are comfortable, they can do their jobs better.

Light Design

Most people are now starting to choose trucks over sedans because they drive like big cars. So it’s not going to be unwieldy to handle. This may be due to lighter design; the Chevrolet Silverado is 200 pounds lighter compared to Ford’s F-150.

The lightness of the vehicle may also impact, in a good way, the truck’s braking performance.

Innovative Features

Your trucks don’t have to strictly be used for deliveries. You could use them to drive around clients, especially ones with luxurious features. You’ll find trucks that feature tow-way lumbar support for the driver and passengers. Others come with heated seats, which is perfect for cities in colder areas.

Finally, check on the safety features. Your company’s truck has to come with the latest in road protection. Look for multiple airbags, advanced hydroform, and high-strength steel for added crash protection.

From performance to design, your business’s truck should have it all.  Match your company’s needs against the features of the vehicle to find the right truck at the right price.

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