Republic Polly Car Park 

Top Instagrammable Places in Singapore According to Travel Publications

Looking to take the perfect car photos? When it comes to taking pictures, most people take them at the same places repetitively at the same spots – like the Merlion and Gardens by the Bay. While these are beautiful places that give you very aesthetically pleasing photos, sometimes you want something a bit different and unique.

This island city is a great place to hold a car shoot as there are so many options of scenic and stunning roads to take your photographs. What’s more, these roads are well maintained, with no potholes or uneven surfaces. Not only that, there are many beautiful spots along these routes. If you’re a traveler and were unable to bring your car but still want to take photos with an auto, you can always hire private vehicle services offered by companies such as SMRT to get you where ever you need to go and take Instagram photos with a car of your choice.

Seven awesome places in Singapore will lend you a unique backdrop to your Instagram car photoshoot. Check out the recommendations below.

Republic Polly Car Park

Republic Polytechnic’s Polly Car Park makes an excellent spot for an Instagrammable car photo shoot. While there are several car parks available at poly, Polly Car Park is a popular choice among students since it is located within walking distance from Block B, which houses most of the poly’s academic blocks.

Along with having a beautiful skyline as its backdrop, you will also be able to catch some cool graffiti by poly’s creative arts students along Polly Drive. All it takes is a simple walk under one of its arches to appreciate just how aesthetically pleasing that no paint on hard structures rule really can be!

Changi Airport T2

Changi Airport Terminal 2 is a great place to capture sunset shots of your car. With plenty of open areas and great views, you can take photos at various spots within Terminal 2 without feeling cramped or crowded. There are also multiple spots where you can create an airport scene.

If you want to add depth, try capturing some shots with a plane on display in the background. The best part about using airports as locations for photoshoots? They’re usually wide open, so even if you haven’t arranged special permissions with authorities beforehand, you still have a decent chance of getting away with it. Just remember, airports tend to attract attention like moths to a flame, so play accordingly and use discretion.


Millenia Walk

It is a multi-leveled shopping center located at one end of Orchard Road, and it boasts 300 outlets and is a favorite among locals. Its location near MRT stations adds to its appeal. The mall is also air-conditioned, making it a good bet for those looking to beat Singapore’s humid heat. Millenia Walk is perfect for photoshooting any car model due to its architecture and wide array of interesting areas that can be used as background.

Downtown Core at Night

This area is a popular attraction because of its historic structures, cool shops, and most importantly, its photogenic appeal. With its colorful lighting and unique buildings, you can’t go wrong shooting here! Be sure to visit places like The Adelphi and People’s Park Complex late at night when everything is illuminated with neon lights, and people are out shopping. You can take a picture of your car here, stopping next to these iconic landmarks like DBS Building and UOB Plaza.

Koon Seng Road

Want to create gorgeous car photos without traveling too far from town? Head over to Koon Seng Road. The street features a variety of long, straight roads and architecture, including plenty of shophouses and five-foot ways, which are perfect for exciting photos. The quiet nature of Koon Seng Road also makes it great for low-traffic photo shoots. Plus, there’s enough scenery here to draw inspiration — not just cars! With everything here ranging from old-fashioned shops to bright neon signs, you’ll find something new around every corner. You can even head down at night and bring some illumination into your pictures.

People’s Park Complex

The People’s Park Complex is a great place to shoot photos of your car. It has an old-school charm with its Victorian and Art Deco architecture. Make sure you take some time here if you are looking for that Instagrammable shot! The People’s Park Complex will be an awesome backdrop for a picturesque auto photo. Bring your tripod to have extra coverage while snapping away at these beautiful shots.

Dempsey Gravel Car Park

The Dempsey Road Car Park is a cool place to have car shoots. There are so many cars parked here that it has an industrial vibe—but if you get there early, you can take advantage of minimal crowds and natural light streaming through its tall windows. The views are also amazing, overlooking Raffles Place and Orchard Road below.

Car shoots for the ‘gram can provide a lot of opportunities to get creative and turn out some amazing shots—so long as you’re taking them at these seven places, that is. Between good lighting conditions and photo ops galore, we know that any car photographer will find success here.

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